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The HARPACROWN DELUXE COLLECTORS EDITION contains an additional 6 chapters..

Dicing With Death

A stage Kurotsuke routine involving 6 spectators where you determine the killer, the victim, the motive and the method as well as who is lying and who is telling the truth. This is a full stage performance piece.


An essay on making the most of of small pieces of information and structuring a routine to disguise even a simple method.

Numismatist by Mark Elsdon

Mark Elsdon consistently creates practical and workable routines and this one is a stunner. A three phase mentalism routine with coins where each effect is more impressive than the previous one culminating in a fantastic finale which leaves the final prediction on their phone as a reminder of the experience.

One Thought Accross by John Carey

John Carey is well known for creating commercial practical and direct routines. Here John applies a mentalism theme to a classic card plot.

Thought Unlinking Principle by Michael Murray

Michael Murray’s genius is legendary and it is things like this principle that has justifyably earned him that reputation. This principle enables you to get so far ahead of the spectators its not even funny.

The Spearchlight Principle by Myke Phillips  

Myke Phillips is best known for his work with the iPhone but his genius does not stop there. The Searchlight Princliple allows you to reveal the specific letter within a word that the spectator is thinking, you can then go on to reveal the entire word.


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